You manage things; you lead people.

20 years of work experience have made Marc into an all round manager, capable of managing global organizations (permanent or temporary) in high demanding international markets. His experience as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Army provided him with excellent leadership qualities and made him into a quick and analytical decision maker. Working within the IT Professional Services industry led to experience with all aspects of a commercial organization. Marc has a profound understanding of sales and delivery processes as well as the supporting processes IT, HR and Finance.

As no other, Marc is able to quickly grasp the situation at hand in all circumstances, define the required end state and to layout a path of change in order to reach goals set upon. With the necessary sensitivity for political environments and cultural feelings, Marc is able to inspire and motivate people and to build professional teams.

Marc values transparency, communication, integrity and humor. He constantly upholds these values while demanding initiative and results from his team.

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